Henry is the reason we are going.

Our trip is now booked ūüėÄ

We had to do some more changes and Jim came with some more options but this time it wasn’t too hard to decide. He proposed 4 different options. We choose the one where instead of going to the Cook Islands we are going to Samoa. It made more sense as it was on the way rather than go in to Auckland and out again.

So, there we have it we are leaving the 8th of May and getting home the 19th of December.
If any of my friends or family want to meet up somewhere around the world. Or if you have any insider info about a place, please let me know.

The reason behind this trip and why it is so important to me/us is Henry.
I was diagnosed with cancer in my sinuses when I was pregnant with him. They found it late in the pregnancy (luckily) and could take him out of me a month earlier than he should have arrived. I then had chemo, radiotherapy and a few operations. Because of this he didn’t spend his time in different baby groups, baby swimming or singing classes. He spent it with me and Stephen in the hospital. We stayed in the cancer ward for about 7 months. All the staff were amazing, my husband was incredible but it wasn’t what I/we had pictured. We had a really cosy room to ourselves and they found a baby bed for Henry to sleep in. At Christmas, they even decorated our room with lights etc.

I had quite bad odds against me but managed with everyone’s help to survive and it has now been nearly 3 years since last treatment. I am continuing to go to check-ups every 4 months and so far, so good.
Henry doesn’t remember any of this of course, more than that he loves doctors in white coats. But it is still very present in our family. The biggest issue I have with it is that I can’t get pregnant again. Henry will never have a brother or sister and we will always be just the three of us.
We are a very strong unit so it is probably for the best but I have always dreamed of a huge family with dogs and cats and kids everywhere.

What I wanted to say with this is that this trip would most likely never be possible if we had had more kids, either time or moneywise. We can now give Henry an adventure of a lifetime and really give all our time, love and commitment to him.
It will be a great way of finishing off our time in Norway and starting a new chapter.
Norway will always mean cancer to me. They saved my life here but it was hell going through it.







Changes and getting what you want

We are booking the ticket tomorrow morning and it’s going to be very cool.

Some changes were needed to our flight plans before we could book and then Jim gave us options! Options in our opinion are never good. It gave us far too much to think about when there was not a huge difference.

We had to change some dates as we knew that the US ESTA visa allowed 90 days in the country but thought that this would be reset by going to the Caribbean and Mexico.  But apparently, they don’t and we only have 90 days from entering Miami until we leave Hawaii.

The problem wasn’t that we really wanted to stay longer in America but that we didn’t want to get to New Zealand too early because it’s their winter then. The ideal time for us to get to New Zealand would be November but that would be too late for Australia etc. If everything goes according to our plans, then we are there in the middle of September now. It will still be cold but I’m hoping they will have an early spring this year.

In the end, we decided on extending our stay in Fiji and the Cook Islands. The plan was to get back to the UK just before Christmas so we have also extended Australia and Bali. I really don‚Äôt mind ūüėČ

Jim gave us two options to choose from and we discussed back and forth. In the end, we choose flexibility over a cheaper option. Now we can change dates and locations without having to pay extra. Who knows we might want to stay longer.

You will find us here from May onwards :

Monday 8th May 2017 London Heathrow – Miami
Friday 12th May 2017 Miami ‚Äď Puerto Rico
Saturday 13th May 2017 Caribbean Cruise
Sunday 21st May 2017 Puerto Rico – Miami
Monday 22nd May 2017 Miami – Cancun
Monday 5th June 2017 Cancun – Phoenix
Tuesday 4th July 2017 Los Angeles – Honolulu
Friday 4th August 2017 Honolulu – Nadi
Saturday 26th August 2017 Nadi – Auckland
Sunday 27th August 2017 Auckland – Rarotonga
Saturday 9th September 2017 Rarotonga – Auckland
Sunday 8th October 2017 Auckland – Melbourne
Wednesday 15th November 2017 Sydney – Denpasar
Saturday 25 th November 2017 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur
Thursday 30th November 2017 Kuala Lumpur – Colombo
Thursday 14th December 2017 Colombo – Dubai
Tuesday 19th December 2017 Dubai – London Heathrow

We would be very grateful for any hints and tips on places to stay and see.

I’m so excited to see how Henry will find this whole experience. It might turn out that he will never travel again in his life. But I really hope this will give him a feeling that there are so much more to this world than our private little bubble we live in. I think it’s so important to experience new places, to see different cultures, diverse lives. There are so many ways of living that if you only see what you have you don’t know if you could live your life differently.

This won’t be Henrys first long haul trip.¬† As our friend’s wedding in Langkawi coincided with his first birthday.¬† Pictures below are from that trip.

Stephen and Henry on cable car in Langkawi


Henry sleeping on the beach

Our world tour, Country by country.

I have now sent off the dates and a list country by country what we want Jim, our travel agent to book.  We are leaving the 4th of May!  In four months time we are leaving for Miami!

Luckily it’s only the first date that¬† we can’t change. We are starting in Miami and are going around the world to the west.¬† If everything goes according to plan then we are back in the UK by Christmas.

Below is a list of our main flights and at the end of the post there is also a map.
London – Miami
Miami – Cancun
Cancun – Phoenix
LA – Hawaii
Hawaii – Fiji
Fiji – Cook Islands
Cook Islands – Auckland
Auckland – Melbourne
Sydney – Bali
Bali – Singapore
Singapore – Colombo
Colombo – Dubai
Dubai – Home

These are the big flights and they will be on our ticket.  But we have smaller flights/ cruises/ car adventures in there to.

For example before we head to Cancun we are taking a cruise for a week around the Caribbean.¬† We had planned a Disney cruise for Henry but they didn’t have any great ones going where we wanted to go.¬† I’m pretty sure he is gonna be quite overwhelmed by the whole thing anyway.

Mexico was not on the original list but the more we have thought about it the better it seems.  It is now the part of the trip Stephen seems most excited about.  We are heading south from Cancun and spending most of the time around Tulum.  Combination of beaches and Mayan ruins, nothing better for me the beach lover and Stephen the geek.

We are then flying from Cancun to Phoenix and have about 7 weeks¬†doing a road trip of western USA.¬† It will be the longest drive we will have but I have never been in USA at all.¬†¬†I don’t think we will be going back to the West coast again for summer holidays so we want to do it properly.

We are flying out from LA and will have spent the 4th of July there; so I think by then we will be ready for a much quieter time.

Our next stop is my personal favourite on this trip; Hawaii! I have always wanted to go and it’s a dream come true. We are spending about a month there and I want to do all of the islands. As we have just booked our ticket I haven’t pinned down too much about where we are staying etc., just a few ideas so far.

After that we have Fiji and the Cook islands which I’m also very excited about. These are the kind of island you hear people go to or you see on films and you whish you were there. Well we are gonna be there and I think it will be magical.

Next on our adventure is New Zealand and Australia and we are planning to spend about a month in each place also do a road trip in each country. The plan is to see and do as much as possible but they both have lots to see so I need to really pin down what’s important for us. For now we have a date and a place when we arrive and a date and a place when we leave but not much else. I am a big fan of Australia and that would be my favourite place in the world to live,¬† so I think it can be really good.

After that we have Bali and Singapore, where we have¬†friends living.¬† So¬†I’m hoping that we can do a bit of catching up.

Next is Sri Lanka and I must admit I don’t know much about the country at all. We¬†will spend about 14 days so need to do some researching to see what the country has to offer.

From there we’ll go to Dubai and then Home. We had big plans to use Dubai as a hob and go visit a few countries around there. But I think we are probably so tired after 8 months on the go , especially Henry, that a week in Dubai laying by the pool is all we want by then.

As you can see it’s the beginning of my research and planning. We have dates and countries/ cities but no real plans what to do when we are there yet.¬† But we will get there one step at the time, country by country.

We will try not to have it all booked completely but with a 3 year old we want to have some structure. Jim has been a fantastic help and we found him via:



The beginning of an adventure

This is the beginning of an adventure for my family.

We are living in Norway at the moment and have done for the last four and a half years.  We moved here because of Stephens work and before Norway we lived and worked in India.   Since we have lived here we have had an addition to the family Henry, who was born in a city called Bergen.

But now his work is coming to an end and we have planned an adventure. The timing is perfect, Henry will start school next year and Stephen and I will probably never not be working again till we retire. So this is the perfect time to do an Around The World Adventure!

I’m so excited I can not wait!

In March we are moving from Kristiansund, in Norway back to the UK.  Then in May we are flying to Miami to start our trip.

Before then we have to pack up all our belongings (again) and move to our house in Maidenhead.¬† We have a house there which we bought two years ago ready for us to move into properly. At the time¬†we thought we were moving away from Norway but things got strung along for a bit and we have only been there for holidays so far.¬† It’s a great house and I can’t wait to live in it ,we just haven’t had the chance yet.

I have been planning this around the world trip for a little while now; looking where to go , for how long to stay in each place and how best to get from one location to the next.   My two main things so far are a map that shows our stops and a very big spreadsheet.  On the spreadsheet I have different places, when to go, temperatures, where to stay, what to do, what injections and visas we need etc.  It is a lot to think about but I think I have done a great job so far.

I actually put down a deposit for the tickets today so the ball is rolling!

Tonight we need to think about how long we want to stay in each location, so we can email that to the travel agency to finalise the tickets.¬† Then we can start looking in more detail places to stay. So much to do still but I’m pretty sure it will be amazing!

Imagine surfing in Hawaii, drinking drinks on the beach in Fiji, whale safaris in USA and snorkelling in Australia!

This is my husband and son in our magical winter wonderland.  A thousand miles away from the sun and the sea that will be our home in about 4 months time.

Stephen and Henry in the snow