35 days left in this country.

Today it’s only 35 days until we leave Norway.

We arrived in August 2012. It was a big change, as we moved from New Delhi, India.

Stephen and I met in Nice, France 2007, yes 10 years ago this year! He worked in Monaco and lived in Nice. I worked in Tourette Sur Loup, up in the mountains above Antibes and Nice. He has always joked about how he got a 21-year-old Swedish Blonde Au pair as his girlfriend. (even now)

We had a great summer and he treated me so well, taking me out to nice bars and restaurants. On our first date, he took me to the Haagen-Dazs café and then a drink at a swanky hotel. I knew then it was love 😉

I had already applied and been accepted to a university in Florence, Italy so we knew our time was probably limited. I moved to Florence in September 2007 and for the next 3 years we had a long-distance relationship. I never thought it would work and to be fair I don’t think Stephen did either. But it did. With a lot of trips back and forth whenever we could, summers and winters breaks spent together. The biggest challenge was when I spent six months in Bangkok, Thailand as an exchange student. But my lovely boyfriend came and visited me there as well. He booked us a trip to Phi Phi island and it was so good.

When I graduated, I moved in with him, there was never really a discussion about it, I just did.

He had started a new job in Reading, UK and we bought a house in Bracknell as we thought that’s the area we were going to stay for a while. The next thing we knew, Stephens project was moved to India! So, we moved to New Delhi in 2011.

By then we were engaged. Stephen had whisked me away for my 25th birthday to Paris, my favourite place on earth. Everyone said that he planned to proposed and yes I thought so to. The days went by and when we only had one more evening I thought I got it wrong. But he went down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hands, which he dropped and could not find for ages!  When he finally found it I think I said yes but he claims I never actually answered.

What we hadn’t expected when we were planning to move to India was that we had to be married to get my visa to go with him.

As we had already decided to have our wedding in Sweden when we returned from India it caught us by surprise. We considered how quick we could get the job done (get married) and it turns out you only have to wait a couple of weeks. We told parents and siblings and flew my parents over from Sweden for the event. We could only have 10 people in the little room we booked so had to be just the closest family. I bought a beautiful blue dress, really didn’t want a white wedding dress as we still planned to have the big “real” wedding in Sweden later. The wedding meal was held in a lovely little pub afterwards and it really was a special, lovely day.

Then it was off to New Delhi in April 2011.  That’s a whole post by itself. We had the most amazing life there. Going to incredible events, meeting very interesting people, eating in great restaurants and seeing beautiful places. You can see more on my old blog http://www.ouryearinindia.blogspot.com

In the end Stephen, was travelling back and forth to Korea and then to Norway until the project was permanently in Norway. When we knew our end date in India we arranged and booked our castle to have our real wedding in Sweden that summer. 07/07/12. It was a magical day and evening and I will never forget that all our friends and Stephens family travelled from all over the world to share it with us. Some came on motorbikes with crumpled up suits; others suitcases got lost in Angola so they had to buy new clothes at the airports but they all came. It was incredible, and the best day/evening I have ever had.

We then moved to Stavanger. That was as I said August 2012. 

We have had great times here, we have had sad times here, Norway has really set a mark in my heart forever. The best thing that ever happened here was Henry. (although he happened in Singapore I think)



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