A very travelled child

I have had the dream about travel around the world for a little while. It is kind of on my “bucket list”. When things get rough, you always think of the things you never did. Stephen and I have travelled a fair bit but there are still so many places to see. My absolute favourite holiday was Australia.

We went there for my birthday in 2009. Stephen had meetings there for work and was about to spend two weeks in Brisbane. Just before I had to go back to university in Italy he surprised me by saying “do you want to come? We can extend the trip so we are there for three weeks and travel the last one.”. I got really excited so he started to look for flights for me, his was covered by his company. He made a call to an agency that said they would match any price. Stephen said he had seen different options for £666 and another one for £ 555. (He is not great at lying) The travel agency then gave him the ticket for £554 including the visa. Great!

This picture is from that trip, don’t we look young!

I spent two weeks in Brisbane while Stephen was at work and we then went up the coast together for a week. The people were so friendly and it’s just the most welcomed I have ever felt as a tourist.

I really can’t wait to go back. We are going to go in November for a month. I’m hoping it will be the same vibe as it had when we were there last.

It was difficult to plan the around the world trip because as I said there are so many places I want to see and experience. In the end, we looked at how to get around the globe in a way where we didn’t have too many hours spent on the airplane in a single time. As we have Henry with us and he is 3 years old I think more than 6 hours will be trying. He is always very good and he has his own routines when we fly, which we do a lot. He knows when he must sit still and he puts his earphones on and watches his films on his kindle or play his games. I must say that the kindle is the best buy ever for travelling with a little one.

His first flight he took as a 6-week-old baby. And it is so funny when you go to the airport and people ask us “oh he is so cute, is it his first time flying?” We then answer, no I think this is his 70th or maybe 71st time.

Henrys first flight at 6 week old.

He even has his own airline loyalty cards with two airlines. It has only been one time where he has been so sad and it kind of exhausted me. You are stuck in a seat and there is nothing you can do about it. All you can think of is all the people around you, but luckily it was only a short flight between Langkawi and Singapore so we were down before we knew it and he then calmed down. The best flight was when we went from London to Singapore in business class with him. It was a night flight and he was asleep the whole flight! You could just see the look on people’s faces when they saw a child in business class, but they were smiling when we landed saying how good he was.

Below are a few holiday snaps.

This is us in Stavanger, out for a walk.
Me and Henry on the beach in Langkawi.
Me and Henry on the beach in Langkawi.
Henry is travelling to Sweden last summer.
Henry is travelling to Sweden last summer.
Daddy and Henry by the pool, Langkawi 2014
Daddy and Henry by the pool, Langkawi 2014
In Ibiza, a holiday with friends 2016.

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