America is now booked

America is now booked

Stephen has been ‘working’ offshore for the last two weeks and really focusing on America.  He says there is nothing else to do of an evening and he conveniently forgot his gym gear.  The accommodation is now all booked.

We have:

Miami, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Cruise, Mexico, Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab, Beaver, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite, Modesto, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  

I am still very confused with the American standard though. When you flick through the different options on where to stay, you go through the pictures the decor is still from the 80-90’s. Even if it says ‘newly renovated’ and you think yes finally some style, no they still add brown and orange covers on the bed with heavy furniture and dark carpets. And the prices are all slightly higher than what we expected. I guess if they are clean then we are happy we are not going on this trip to stay all day in the room after all.

We did find an amazing room on in San Francisco that I’m very excited about. It is right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. It is a huge suite and from having no space we are going to have too much space. As long as the room matches the description.

One other place I’m excited about is Vegas! Yes, that is correct we are going to Vegas Baby! (also with a 3-year-old though) We are staying at Treasure Island and it is on “the strip”. From tacky 90’s décor to lights/music/Ferris wheels/limos. I wonder what Henry is going to think of it all. I hope he is our lucky charm so we can win all this money back! We had an original budget but it is now slightly higher. 

Amongst the rooms / hotels / apartments we are also staying on a ranch, in a penthouse and in a very small room with only one bed and Henry on his Spiderman blow up travel bed. It will mean no personal space from time to time but I think it will be great.

In America, we are trying to have a plan, what to do in each location so we don’t just drive around for driving’s sake.

But as always any ideas and recommendations are more than welcome. Add your recommendations below.

This is the bedroom in one of the apartments in USA. We didn’t choose this one though.
And this is a fully equipped kitchen in an other apartment. (microwave but no cooker)



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