Beautiful but rainy Samoa.

We are in Samoa at the moment and we have to buy internet cards that they always run out of, so we haven’t had internet for about a week.

I will write about Samoa in 3 different parts. First part will be the island Upolu. We were there for about a week. To start with we stayed at the Sheraton and then LeUaina Resort. The Sheraton was nice but not very personal, it could have been anywhere. And the food wasn’t great and it took forever to get it, at least 1 hour every time. But the LeUaina Beach resort is a lovely little family run two-star hotel right on the beach. The staff are friendly and they try hard to make you feel at home.  We meet some South Africans and New Zealanders there that were hilarious so we had drinks with them most evenings while the kids were either dancing/playing house or watching a film.

The island is spectacular. It rained every day but it didn’t matter. We drove round Upolu and it is beautiful, it is wild and natural and there are no tourists there, well some but not nearly as many as in Hawaii. You drive through villages and you don’t see any cars only natives and dogs. Their houses are open fales (hut) and you can see straight through them. No one has anything of value and it is lovely seeing all the people gathering around outside playing with their children rather than watch tv or talking on their phones. I haven’t seen any one with a phone at all.

In the beginning of the week we went to a few waterfalls around the island and they were nice. The best one Fuipisia Falls was when we had to hike in mud to get there. Henry doesn’t normally like to even get his clothes wet so I was nervous about the mud. But he thought the whole thing was funny. Especially when he got stuck and kept going with his shoe left behind.

 It was a 10 min walk there and well worth it. A beautiful waterfall where you could walk and stand above it. I took a few pictures of Stephen standing there.

We also stopped at To Sua Ocean Trench which is a giant sink hole. You can climb down a ladder in it and then swim. Henry was dying to do it but it was too slippery. Stephen went down it and swam in to the other cave as well.

On of the days we went to go on a small island outside but the boat was broken so we couldn’t get there. So instead we went down the coast and ended up on a beautiful beach with a lovely fale. We stayed most of the day and snorkelled and sunbathed.

 When we got back to the hotel the car broke! There has been something wrong with all the cars that we have had on this holiday. With breakdowns, etc. I’m starting to wonder if it is the person driving the car….

 We did manage to get to the small island the next day. I called the people that was going to take us to the island and the boat was ok so we have spent the whole day there. It is a very small island with maybe 10 fales along the beach. We saw turtles going over there but none when we were snorkelling. But we did see some fish out there and Stephen got chased by one that keep hitting his mask and I got bitten by one. It was a lovely day but it rained the whole day. Didn’t stop us from doing things though.

 We are on Savaii at the moment, we took the ferry here with the car and are having a great time. The sun is out and we basically got the resort to our self. I am definitely recommending Samoa to anybody!

It’s green, it’s rainy, it’s lovely.
At one of the waterfalls there was some amazing flowers, red, white, pink, yellow- you name it.
At one of the waterfalls there was some amazing flowers, red, white, pink, yellow- you name it.
Look at this flower, how beautiful!
Look at this flower, how beautiful!


This is SAmoa all over.
This is Samoa all over.

I can’t upload any more pictures, the internet is too slow.



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