Our world tour, Country by country.

I have now sent off the dates and a list country by country what we want Jim, our travel agent to book.  We are leaving the 4th of May!  In four months time we are leaving for Miami!

Luckily it’s only the first date that  we can’t change. We are starting in Miami and are going around the world to the west.  If everything goes according to plan then we are back in the UK by Christmas.

Below is a list of our main flights and at the end of the post there is also a map.
London – Miami
Miami – Cancun
Cancun – Phoenix
LA – Hawaii
Hawaii – Fiji
Fiji – Cook Islands
Cook Islands – Auckland
Auckland – Melbourne
Sydney – Bali
Bali – Singapore
Singapore – Colombo
Colombo – Dubai
Dubai – Home

These are the big flights and they will be on our ticket.  But we have smaller flights/ cruises/ car adventures in there to.

For example before we head to Cancun we are taking a cruise for a week around the Caribbean.  We had planned a Disney cruise for Henry but they didn’t have any great ones going where we wanted to go.  I’m pretty sure he is gonna be quite overwhelmed by the whole thing anyway.

Mexico was not on the original list but the more we have thought about it the better it seems.  It is now the part of the trip Stephen seems most excited about.  We are heading south from Cancun and spending most of the time around Tulum.  Combination of beaches and Mayan ruins, nothing better for me the beach lover and Stephen the geek.

We are then flying from Cancun to Phoenix and have about 7 weeks doing a road trip of western USA.  It will be the longest drive we will have but I have never been in USA at all.  I don’t think we will be going back to the West coast again for summer holidays so we want to do it properly.

We are flying out from LA and will have spent the 4th of July there; so I think by then we will be ready for a much quieter time.

Our next stop is my personal favourite on this trip; Hawaii! I have always wanted to go and it’s a dream come true. We are spending about a month there and I want to do all of the islands. As we have just booked our ticket I haven’t pinned down too much about where we are staying etc., just a few ideas so far.

After that we have Fiji and the Cook islands which I’m also very excited about. These are the kind of island you hear people go to or you see on films and you whish you were there. Well we are gonna be there and I think it will be magical.

Next on our adventure is New Zealand and Australia and we are planning to spend about a month in each place also do a road trip in each country. The plan is to see and do as much as possible but they both have lots to see so I need to really pin down what’s important for us. For now we have a date and a place when we arrive and a date and a place when we leave but not much else. I am a big fan of Australia and that would be my favourite place in the world to live,  so I think it can be really good.

After that we have Bali and Singapore, where we have friends living.  So I’m hoping that we can do a bit of catching up.

Next is Sri Lanka and I must admit I don’t know much about the country at all. We will spend about 14 days so need to do some researching to see what the country has to offer.

From there we’ll go to Dubai and then Home. We had big plans to use Dubai as a hob and go visit a few countries around there. But I think we are probably so tired after 8 months on the go , especially Henry, that a week in Dubai laying by the pool is all we want by then.

As you can see it’s the beginning of my research and planning. We have dates and countries/ cities but no real plans what to do when we are there yet.  But we will get there one step at the time, country by country.

We will try not to have it all booked completely but with a 3 year old we want to have some structure. Jim has been a fantastic help and we found him via:




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