The Wines family

The Wines family is small but great!

There is only three of us but together we can do anything!

My name is Maria and I’m a mum, a wife, an organiser and a traveller. I’m 30 something and love the sun the sea and have lived in more countries than some people have visited.

I will be doing the blogging and will be taking the majority of the pictures.

Then we have my husband Stephen. He will be the editor of this blog, i.e. he is the one that can spell.  Stephen is in his mid 30’s and an engineer, he is also very funny and caring.

And the smallest member of our family is Henry. He is 3 years old and a happy, stubborn, lovely and amusing, little boy.

I am Swedish, Stephen is English and Henry was born in Norway where we are currently living but we will soon be on the move!

I met Stephen is Nice, France, we both lived and worked there.  I then moved to Italy and later to Bangkok to study Fashion. Together we moved to the UK for Stephens work and further on to India and Norway. As I said Henry is born in Norway but has a British Passport. We love to travel and to explore new places so we can’t wait for this adventure to start.