Aloha Hawaii

In Hawaii,

I have been doing the research on this one and I love what I’m reading. It is going to be lovely. We have decided on; and when I say we I mean I have decided that we are staying on 3 different islands. Oahu, Kauai and Maui.

Hawaii is just so green, lush and very picturesque. I love it. Waterfalls, incredible beaches, jungle etc etc I can go on for a while.

We fly into Honolulu and we are staying in a hotel on Waikiki beach for one week. Then we are flying over to Kauai for 13 days and staying in two different locations.  I don’t know why but I was expecting to travel by boat around the islands but flying best / only way to go.  I found it easiest to buy a multiple-stop ticket for us directly with Hawaiian Airlines. 

We have just booked it all. Apartments, hotel and tents! Again, though about the décor, it’s like they can’t (or don’t have to) bother updating it because it is a lot of brown/orange 80/90’s colours and patterns.  Saying that we did just find a lovely apartment on Maui that was super modern.

After Kauai we are flying to Maui and Stephen has found some places where you can hire camping equipment. I think we are staying in a tent for  3 nights and then have an apartment for 10days. Henry has never camped before, he is either going to love it, which I think he will or absolutely hate it. The more I think about it, the less exited I am by the idea. I like the thought of it (and I’m sure it will be fantastic) but the reality I’m not too sure about. As the topic of toilets came up and I hadn’t even thought about that. Oh as we say it is about trying new things.. But I guess if it’s going to be nice to camp anywhere it would be in Hawaii.

There is so much to do on each island it’s amazing. It is a very active place and I hope that we will really get into all of it. I’m at least going to try to surf and paddle board and I hope I will get my husband into it as well. We will definitely be snorkelling and maybe Stephen can do some diving as he has done it in the past.  I have done a trial dive, one time only in Cannes with some friends, Stephen doesn’t think that counts.

I will see if I can do some more horse riding though as I have read that there are some really nice rides. So far, we haven’t found anywhere were you can take under 5 year olds though. Actually, a lot of the activities are for 5-year-old and up which is a shame because I know Henry would love it all. Maybe we can sneak him into some of them, maybe “on the side”.

We are also going to do some hiking but not as far or as much as we would have done pre-Henry but a nice stroll through the jungle I think we will manage.

After that we haven’t planned much. Somehow it seems easier in New Zealand and Australia to just take it as it comes. We are going to book some but not every night like we have up until now.  I have sent an email to get some help from Jim (our helpful travel agent) with Fiji and Samoa because we don’t want to miss anything and I have really no idea where to start there. He said that I need to be patient though as the pacific island are laid back and it could take a few weeks to get any response from them. I’m not great at waiting. I want things to happen now now now.

In Bali we are staying at a friends amazing villa. Sri Lanka I haven’t even started thinking about yet. We have been to Dubai before so kind of know what to expect there.

Exciting times ahead.

I also have to add that I was mentioned on  Magdalena Graafs blog in Sweden, thank you.

Can’t wait to change this
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