A holiday before the holiday!

Stephen and I decided a little while back to go on a holiday for his birthday, just the two of us.

We are going to be together as a family 24/7 for 8 months. With no breaks from our 3-year-old. It is exactly what we want but we thought that it would probably be a clever idea to go away alone beforehand.

So we chose Dubrovnik in Croatia for 4 days.

This is the lovely Dubrovnik in Croatia.

We stayed in a charming hotel called the Royal Blue Hotel. The hotel was newly renovated and only opened a week beforehand. You could really tell that it was new as well because they haven’t really got all the little touches there yet. All the towels were still nice and fluffy and the rooms were enormous. They had two pools and two more still to be open. The hotel was about 25 minutes away from the old town and there was a bus that ran regularly. We did say that it would be different in the summer because you could barely get a seat on the bus now as it was. Just imagine the summer with so many more tourists, it must be horrible!

The first day we just walked around town and took it as it came. In the evening, we went for a walk as we didn’t have any restaurant booked and found a wonderful place, the Nautika. The food was amazing, the wine great and the waiters so nice! I really recommend going there.

This is the square outside the restaurant we went to.
We took a few pictures from the restaurant. It was just a lovely view everywhere you looked.
He scrubs up well .
The waiter were nice to take a picture of us.

On the second day we walked in to the old town and walked around the wall. That was lovely. You could see the whole of the old town and there were a few spots where you could stop and look at the view while having a drink. We ate at the hotel because we were a bit tired. But comparing to the first restaurant then it wasn’t worth it.

This is the view from our hotel.
This is one of the little tiny streets around town,
Just a beautiful country that I really enjoyed.
This is a view of the harbour and the rooftops.

The third day we went up the cable car to the top which was a bit chilly! The view was amazing because you could literally see the whole of Dubrovnik. We did try to have lunch up there but it was fully booked, so I would recommend booking a table up there.  That evening we ate at a nice restaurant called Posat. The restaurant was known for its fresh sea food and it was amazing! The waiter came out with a tray full of fresh fish, lobsters and shrimps and it had a huge tank full of big lobsters.

Before dinner the last night.
This is the seafood that they had to offer.
Stephen is happy with his lobster.

Our flight left early on our last day so we only had time for some breakfast and then it was time to go.

It was a nice relaxing holiday, lovely chats, great wine and nice sleep ins in the morning, just what we needed.

You can go swimming or kayaking from town centre.
The views from the walls.
You can see the whole town.

The view from the top from the cablecar.



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