London Baby.

London Baby!

Henry and I have been home in England now for a few weeks. Yesterday Stephen came back as well, he had his last workday yesterday morning and flew back last night.

Today we went to London town and got new passports for Stephen and Henry. There were a huge queue when we got there but once we got inside it was no problems.

We had to wait for a few hours until Stephens was done so we had planned a special treat for Henry. There is a Shrek and DreamWorks place you can go and visit. You go in and they take you around on a special tour. It started on a bus ride with 3D glasses and they pretended you were flying with Donkey (from Shrek movies) driving the bus. They were squirting water and different characters came flying along with you.

It is very interactive and the children loved it. In the end, you get a cuddle and a picture with Shrek and other characters.

Henry wasn’t sure to start with but loved it in the end.

We then went for lunch along the Southbank and then picked up Stephens passport. It was lovely and sunny with people all around. Musicians playing and singing, people performing, tourists everywhere.

It is great to be back. It is a completely different vibe in UK then in Norway. It’s hard to describe it but for me it is an easier life. People are smiling and dancing on the streets, there is life and movements everywhere. It fills me with energy.

Four weeks to go and counting down!

Our special treat for Henry was to meet Shrek.
Henry is being shot out of a canon.
Henry and Stephen flying Marwin’s airplane.
London Eye and Big Ben.
This is how we walked around town.



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