No internet

We are in Fiji at the moment. It is lovely and warm. It is more civilized than Samoa with shops, cars and people.
We are staying at the Hideaway hotel at the moment and will be here for six nights.
It is a good hotel with a lovely view of the ocean. It has a great swimming pool and good food.
They also have a kids club that we Henry in yesterday but they were not very good and we wont take him there again. He was there for 3 hours and wasn’t offered a drink once!
Henry went to the spa today and got a Henna tattoo wi9ch he is very proud of! They asked him if he wanted a massage, so he booked him self into a kiddy massage at 10am tomorrow! I don’t even get to do that!

The internet is really bad so I can’t upload any pictures. But hopefully at the next place. Then I’ll do the Samoa pictures and the few Fiji pictures that we have taken.


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