Our trip in numbers.

We are back in the UK and we have summarised our adventure in a few numbers:

  • travelled for 226 days
  • visited 17 countries
  • stayed in 87 hotels / apartments and 1 tent.
  • took 29 flights, 33 boats, 15 cars, 2 helicopters, 2 train rides, 1 raft, 3 horse rides, 1 elephant and 1 camel, 1 parachute.   
  • went on 121 excursions.
  • needed 8 injections.
  • were only ill twice.
  • only lost 1 thing, Baby Babbab, Henry’s 2nd favourite toy, not once but twice.  First time the hotel posted it to a future hotel and the 2nd time we never knew where so had to buy a new one and send to Nanny; who sent Henry pictures of it doing silly things.  Henry believes that Baby Babbab goes off on his own adventures.
  • broke 1 kindle.
  • had 2 big suitcases and 1 car seat bag to start with. Along the way we had to buy one more bag to make packing easier. With that we also had a backpack each.
  • spent double the original budget!

The best thing about this adventure was seeing Henry’s expression every time he tried something new, body boarding, riding the ponies, paddle boarding, rafting, zip lining, climbing trees, riding the elephant, trapezing etc.

It was the best timing to do it and we don’t regret anything.

 Here are a few more things from our adventure.  What was best vs worst and a lot more list from this experience.

Top 5 countries 

  1. Sri Lanka, the friendliest people, the best boutique hotels, best prices!
  2. Fiji, just beautiful
  3. New Zealand, so many fun things to do.
  4. Hawaii, adventures and beautiful.
  5. Caribbean, we saw so many different island and they were all so different.

 Least favorite countries

  1. Bali, great time with friends but didn’t live up to expectation.
  2. American Southwest, was nice but would be better when Henry is older.

 Most expensive

  1. USA
  2. New Zealand
  3. Australia 


  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Malaysia
  3. Bali

Best hotel

  1. Kings Pavilion, Sri Lanka
  2. Villa Saffron, Sri Lanka
  3. Octopus Resort, Fiji
  4. Malolo Island, Fiji
  5. Edgewater, Wanaka, New Zealand

 Best Kids club

  1. Royal Caribbean Cruise
  2. Malolo Island, Fiji
  3. Octopus Resort, Fiji

 Best animal viewing

  1. Humpback whale, Tasmania
  2. Leopard, Yala, Sri Lanka
  3. Stingray, Antigua
  4. Turtles, Maui, Hawaii
  5. Platypus, Outside Sydney, Australia.
  6. Elephant seals, San Simeon, California.
  7. Baby Koala, Cape Ottaway, Australia

 Best tours

  1. Hopi Indian tour
  2. Kauai Helicopter
  3. Sting ray feeding, Antigua
  4. Dolphin encounter, Anguilla
  5. Hobbiton movie set tour, New Zealand
  6. Rafting, Queenstown, New Zealand
  7. Great Barrier Reef Adventure, Queensland, Australia.
  8. Wildlife in the wild, Australia
  9. Kaudulla elephant safari, Sri Lanka
  10. Yala national park, Sri Lanka.
  11. Dubai Desert Safari.
  12. Hawaii Pirate Ship Lost Treasure Adventure Cruise, Waikiki

 Culture shows

  1. Hopi Indian Dance, Utah.
  2. Feast at Lele, Maui.
  3. Return to Paradise, Samoa
  4. Octopus Resort, Fiji
  5. Tamaki Maori Village Hangi & Concert, Rotorua, New Zealand
  6. Tjapukai, Cairns, Australia
  7. Sri Lanakan Culture show, Kandy, Sri Lanka


  • The best thing we took with us was the scooter. We could walk quicker and further and in case Henry got tired we could just drag him along.
  • Did we have things we never used, yes but not many, we brought with us bum seats for all the picnics but we never used them and also some sporks.


Would we do it again? YES. (could we afford it? Not at the moment….)

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
We found this guy in Sydney.
We found this guy in Sydney.



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