Samoa Part 2, Savai’i. We saw some Whales!

Can’t download any pictures because internet is so slow! Will do a big photo post when we are in a different location.

Savai’I is a lovely island. The people are friendly until the point that they hug you good bye when you leave the hotel.

 Yesterday we had a disco night in one of the hotels and they danced all the traditional dances and later some disco dancing. Henry loved it. Stephen also performed as they asked him up on stage to shadow the men. He was shirtless, given a lavalava (sarong) and ended the show by climbing a pole just like the other Samoan man did- they didn’t expect him to be able to do that.

 We have been to three hotels and I can recommend all of them. The first one, Stevensons at Manese was an upmarket hotel with a lovely pool and beach. We swam, paddle boarded and canoed in the lagoon right outside there. Henry is so clever he can now paddle board all by himself. He turns and use the paddle to go forward. I’m so proud of him, how far he has come on this trip.  The food was nice and we watched a fire show by an 8,10 and a 16-year-old. Amazing!

 The second hotel was Va-I-Moana hotel. This hotel was more family friendly but didn’t have a pool. We canoed over to another island from there which took us about 45 minutes there and back. It was hard work. We had the wind against us and when we got there we didn’t realised that is was really stony, so shoes would have been great. Henry and Stephen snorkelled around the island and found lots of starfish which is Henrys favourite at the moment. I just laid on the beach and relaxed as I knew we had to go back at some point and I nearly died on the way there. On the way back we spotted a turtle swimming past us.

 Remember when I said in my last post that our cars keep braking down/stop working. Well this time we got a puncture on our tire and also when we visited the stone house our car didn’t want to start again. The guy who worked there helped us and it turned out that it was just the battery that wasn’t working. He fixed it and on we went. That day we went over to do a canopy walk. It was about 30meters up in the air and quite wobbly. But the view was great from the top.

 Tomorrow we are leaving to take the ferry back to the other island. And we are staying in one of the hotels near the ferry station.

We drove here and made a few stops along the way. One was a giant blowhole that could shot water a 100m up in the air. And one stop that took us ages to find but was a lovely waterfall that the boys swam in.

While we drove along Stephen turned and looked out of the window at the sea and he stopped the car. He had spotted a whale!! We stopped and looked at the sea for a bit and yes there were a whale out there! Amazing. I have never seen one and this was so exciting! We saw 4-5 whales along the beach.

 I really loved this island and I love the Samoans. They are so nice and treat you like you are family.



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