Skiing in Tignes, France.

Skiing in Tignes, France.

10 adults and 6 children went skiing last week. It was so much fun.

We had rented a chalet in Tignes where we all stayed for a week. There were 4 different families and 2 grandmothers. Henry went to ski school with two of the other children in the mornings and in the afternoons we played or went swimming.

It wasn’t until the last day that Henry really enjoyed ski school but he managed to stand up and slide down the hill.  The last day of ski school all the children were given a medal. I have never seen Henry so proud in his life. He talks about it every day and he sleeps with the diploma.

The kids had great fun in the chalet where they ran after each other and played until bed time.  Aged from 20 months – 6,5 years old.

Stephen is a really good skier but I’m not, so I had lessons and did the easier runs. All the adults ranged from Blue runs to the Blacks, both skiing and snowboarding.

We had blue skies and 15 degrees the first two days and then a few cloudy days followed by 40cm fresh snow the last evening.

It could be something we would do every year.

Me and Henry are now back in our home in Maidenhead while daddy is in Norway and finishing of work.

It is not long until we are going now and I am so excited. I have spoken to Jim today and booked accommodation and outings in New Zealand. We have also settled on where to go in Australia. Henry got one of his vaccinations today and we are getting some more next week.

We have also had people here to look at the house to see if they want to rent it. I have cleaned the house and tidied up the garden, cutting the grass etc. So many things to organise and really not that much time left.

Tignes by night
Stephen on skis.
First day of Ski school
Henry and his friends.
Last day of ski school.
Frances on the slopes.
The kids having fun
Team Wines on the slopes.
Chris and Jenny.
On top of the world.


Thank you everyone.


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