Snowy days in Kristiansund.

For the last couple of days, it has been very white everywhere. It has been snowing so much.

We have been making the most of it and been on our sledges and skis at the park. Henry is going to a ski school in March when we are away on a ski holiday with our friends. We are going to Tigne, France for a week with 10 adults and 6 children. It is going to be such fun, we have rented a chalet where we are all going to stay.

We bought Henrys first pair of skis the other day and he has been practicing here. The first time it went really well and I was very impressed. Then we tried again and it didn’t go well at all mainly because it was icy. I am a bit worried that he will not like the snowy holiday at all. We will see.

I am not too happy in snow. I just think that it is hard work. You wear all the clothes, you get wet and you carry heavy stuff like skis, sledges backpacks etc. A nice sunny holiday is much better in my mind, put on beach clothes and you are done!

Unfortunately for me (great for Henry) Stephen loves snow. He grew up skiing up in Scotland and he loves skiing holidays. He is very good on his skis and I hope Henry will love it as well.

Anyway, the last couple of days we have been out going down the hills on the sledges and had a great time. We had a walk today with the purpose of finding a lovely spot for a picnic. But Henry fell asleep on the sledge. I don’t know how but he did. Instead we walked and then when we came home we put blankets on the floor and had a picnic at home instead. Lovely.

Nice views.

Stephen has treated himself to Go-Pro camera so we have been trying it out the last few days. It is fully water proof and so much smaller than our old water proof camera.  His excuse was that it would be perfect for our big holiday. You can buy harnesses and other things so you can use it when you do activities. It also has voice recognition so you can just tell it to start video or take pictures, Henry thinks it is hilarious when daddy talks to his camera. We are going to try to put it on Stephens helmet on the ski holiday and then buy a harness for Henry and put it on his chest as well.

The look out tower.
Daddy teaching Henry how to bend his knees.
Just a quick rest.
The sun finally came out.

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