The beginning of an adventure

This is the beginning of an adventure for my family.

We are living in Norway at the moment and have done for the last four and a half years.  We moved here because of Stephens work and before Norway we lived and worked in India.   Since we have lived here we have had an addition to the family Henry, who was born in a city called Bergen.

But now his work is coming to an end and we have planned an adventure. The timing is perfect, Henry will start school next year and Stephen and I will probably never not be working again till we retire. So this is the perfect time to do an Around The World Adventure!

I’m so excited I can not wait!

In March we are moving from Kristiansund, in Norway back to the UK.  Then in May we are flying to Miami to start our trip.

Before then we have to pack up all our belongings (again) and move to our house in Maidenhead.  We have a house there which we bought two years ago ready for us to move into properly. At the time we thought we were moving away from Norway but things got strung along for a bit and we have only been there for holidays so far.  It’s a great house and I can’t wait to live in it ,we just haven’t had the chance yet.

I have been planning this around the world trip for a little while now; looking where to go , for how long to stay in each place and how best to get from one location to the next.   My two main things so far are a map that shows our stops and a very big spreadsheet.  On the spreadsheet I have different places, when to go, temperatures, where to stay, what to do, what injections and visas we need etc.  It is a lot to think about but I think I have done a great job so far.

I actually put down a deposit for the tickets today so the ball is rolling!

Tonight we need to think about how long we want to stay in each location, so we can email that to the travel agency to finalise the tickets.  Then we can start looking in more detail places to stay. So much to do still but I’m pretty sure it will be amazing!

Imagine surfing in Hawaii, drinking drinks on the beach in Fiji, whale safaris in USA and snorkelling in Australia!

This is my husband and son in our magical winter wonderland.  A thousand miles away from the sun and the sea that will be our home in about 4 months time.

Stephen and Henry in the snow



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