Henry is the reason we are going.

Our trip is now booked 😀

We had to do some more changes and Jim came with some more options but this time it wasn’t too hard to decide. He proposed 4 different options. We choose the one where instead of going to the Cook Islands we are going to Samoa. It made more sense as it was on the way rather than go in to Auckland and out again.

So, there we have it we are leaving the 8th of May and getting home the 19th of December.
If any of my friends or family want to meet up somewhere around the world. Or if you have any insider info about a place, please let me know.

The reason behind this trip and why it is so important to me/us is Henry.
I was diagnosed with cancer in my sinuses when I was pregnant with him. They found it late in the pregnancy (luckily) and could take him out of me a month earlier than he should have arrived. I then had chemo, radiotherapy and a few operations. Because of this he didn’t spend his time in different baby groups, baby swimming or singing classes. He spent it with me and Stephen in the hospital. We stayed in the cancer ward for about 7 months. All the staff were amazing, my husband was incredible but it wasn’t what I/we had pictured. We had a really cosy room to ourselves and they found a baby bed for Henry to sleep in. At Christmas, they even decorated our room with lights etc.

I had quite bad odds against me but managed with everyone’s help to survive and it has now been nearly 3 years since last treatment. I am continuing to go to check-ups every 4 months and so far, so good.
Henry doesn’t remember any of this of course, more than that he loves doctors in white coats. But it is still very present in our family. The biggest issue I have with it is that I can’t get pregnant again. Henry will never have a brother or sister and we will always be just the three of us.
We are a very strong unit so it is probably for the best but I have always dreamed of a huge family with dogs and cats and kids everywhere.

What I wanted to say with this is that this trip would most likely never be possible if we had had more kids, either time or moneywise. We can now give Henry an adventure of a lifetime and really give all our time, love and commitment to him.
It will be a great way of finishing off our time in Norway and starting a new chapter.
Norway will always mean cancer to me. They saved my life here but it was hell going through it.







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