The wolf run that we didn’t run

Let’s all go for a run.

It is so great being back in the UK and seeing our friends.

This weekend we went up to Swalcliffe and were spectators and cheerleaders to our friends who were running in the wolfrun.

The Wines’ left early on the Saturday morning. We arrived by 10.30 and met up with the gang at the carpark. They signed in and got ready to do the run. It is a 10km run with obstacles and lots of mud. Everyone was so brave.

We were just sitting on the side eating an ice cream and jumping on the bouncy castle (Henry) and took lots of pictures of them at the finish line where they all had to jump in to a big mud bath. Great fun to watch.

After all the running was done we went back to the pub (us) and the showers (the runners) and then we all had a few well deserved drinks. Henry’s friends Peter and Freya also came to the pub so they raced around in the garden.

The girls then walked back to the Woolston’s beautiful cottage and had a little play with Daisy the puppy. And started dinner. We put the kids to bed, or in our case we watched Peter and Freya go to bed nicely. And Henry refused to sleep so he stayed up and had sat next to the adults having dinner. He also witnessed some dancing but he quite quickly went to bed after he saw that.

It was Stephens birthday on the Sunday so Frances had very kindly made a carrot cake for him. We all sang happy birthday and then it goes a bit fuzzy after that.

We met up quickly on the Sunday and before heading home. It was a great weekend! And it was so warm. It was 20 degrees on the Saturday and we burned so badly.

I love being around all our friends, we always have lots of fun together.

Dave and Divashni came all the way (!) from Ireland and we haven’t seen David for years. I saw Divashni in Barcelona last year but feels too long. Neither of them had met Henry so that was nice.

Stephen and I said we might join in on the wolf run next year as it does looks like so much fun!

Henry is taking this run seriously.
Frances, Chris (on the Go Pro Camera) and David.
Me and Henry waiting for everyone to come back.
This is the team and the supporters.


Warm up for mummies!
Only a few more obstacles to go.
Frances found the mud difficult.
And then there is more mud!
Brave runners.
Nearly finished!
And finished, well done!
Happy Birthday Stephen!

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